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Do you need a fast, reliable and flexible connection between all the branches of your company, even international ones?
Do you want to establish a private network separated from the Internet?

IP VPN is a service that will allow you to connect all the branches of your company regardless of their location in Poland or abroad.


The IP VPN service will connect your company's resources (branches, people, machines) located at any place in the world. This will allow you to transfer any kind of data, in particular sensitive or private data or data requiring high quality of transmission (voice, video, demanding applications and systems).



Thanks to full outsourcing of network management tasks your business will keep running smoothly. Optimal and flexible network configuration and a range of supplementary services will allow you to cut the cost of data transmission.
The international coverage of IP VPN is based on T-Mobile proprietary network covering 14 countries and 70,000 kilometres of optic-fibre. IP VPN gives you access to a private network whose only user is you.


  • You delegate the duties of administering a large corporate network to T-Mobile; one network control point guarantees comfort, safety and predictability.
  • You do not need to purchase any equipment or establish and maintain an IT team that would support your network.
  • Your network grows in line with your company – easy and quick connection of new branches and mobile employees fosters business expansion.
  • We follow your business – at your request we immediately change the parameters of the service so as to meet the needs of your company.
  • IP VPN is a compatible solution that you can freely combine with our other products and services.




With IP VPN company employees can use the virtual resources no matter where they are currently. This significantly reduces the time and simplifies communications, which translates into immediate profits.

  • A company has 8 main locations and 20 smaller branches. In Poland there are also two mobile mini-offices that are frequently relocated within one city or between cities.
  • On top of that, the company also employs over a dozen contractors, who carry out operations from various places in Europe via the corporate network.
  • Since the IT department pays much attention to the security and the simplicity of management, instead of local, distributed Internet links at each location, central Internet coupled with firewall for the purposes of the corporate network is used.

The main locations require dedicated 10 Mbps symmetric links to operate seamlessly, whereas the branches can settle with 1-2 Mbps asymmetric links.
Such a private, secure and optimally managed network is available for as low as PLN 15,000 per month – T-Mobile will take care of everything so that your employees can enjoy uninterrupted access to the company's IT resources.


  • The option to establish a wide network, flexibility in the choice of bandwidth and the ability to transmit data via a network of any topology.
  • Establishment of a multimedia network that boosts the efficiency of integrated communication tools (Unified Communications).
  • Advanced network performance monitoring with real-time & on-line access to a website with network statistics.
  • Immediate response to your business needs (quick implementation of projects).
  • Dedicated technical support by a team of engineers.
  • Lines for branches of all kinds and sizes (symmetric, DSL, encrypted Internet lines)