Ethernet VPN
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Do you want to efficiently exchange data between multiple branches of your company?
Do you want your network to be fully managed by the IT department of your company?
Do you want your applications to perform in a stable way and without interruptions?
Do you want to increase the quality of communication by managing the priorities of the data transfer by respective applications?

Connect all the branches of your company with a peer-to-peer connection. Enjoy reliable and secure data transmission for a good price.


With Ethernet VPN you will be able to transfer data between computers and devices in a multi-branch company. This service establishes reliable communication among multiple points: branches, data centres and cloud computing resources.



Ethernet VPN allows you to maintain high degree of control over the management of the network. The network traffic can be prioritised, smartly organised and monitored in real time via a website.  If you need a VPN service with high bandwidth and self-management feature, ETHERNET VPN is the best solution for your company.


    • You can take advantage of a data communication network without having to invest in employing IT experts and still maintain control over many aspects of the network operation.
    • All the applications at your company will work safely, privately and in complete separation from the Internet.
  • In response to the market demand, Ethernet VPN can provide virtually any bandwidth. You will no longer worry that ICT would hinder the expansion of your company.
  • With continuous monitoring of the network you can control its performance and optimise its costs.
    • You can establish an Ethernet network more quickly and with greater flexibility. You will receive one broadcast domain and a WAN that will act as a LAN.  However, you will maintain complete control over routing.
    • As Ethernet VPN is a peer-to-peer network, you can use it to connect key locations of your company, data centres and cloud computing centres into one corporate network.
    • Since Ethernet VPN is fully compliant with IP VPN, your network can also include smaller branches of your company that use the IP VPN technology.
    • You can replicate data and establish resource mirroring between servers and storage media both asynchronously and synchronously.
  • You can monitor and manage network components in real-time via a T-Mobile administration website.
  • You can freely scale the bandwidth (both up and down) depending on the changing requirements of your company.
  • You have full real-time view of the network and can set automatic alerts for critical monitored indicators of the operation of your network.
  • Ethernet VPN is certified and compliant with the requirements of the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) – this guarantees top quality of the service throughout the entire Central and Eastern Europe.