Ethernet LINE
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Do you want to easily, quickly and efficiently exchange data between the branches of your company?
Do you want your applications to perform in a stable way and without interruptions?
Do you want to manage the priorities of your company's applications?

Connect two branches of your company in an economical and safe manner with a point-to-point connection. Manage and optimise data transmission with one click.


ETHERNET LINE will enable you to connect national and international branches of your company with point-to-point lines.



With ETHERNET LINE you will be able to manage and use your line with ease. The service will allow you to prioritise and smartly organise network traffic and to change bandwidth parameters with a few clicks only. ETHERNET LINE has the lowest cost per megabit of bandwidth among all ICT services offered by T-Mobile.


  • You can enjoy our own data communication network without having to employ IT experts, by using the network “as a service”.
  • Free scalability of the service allows you to quickly respond to the challenges that the company faces in the changing environment.
  • The entire communication in your company is secure, private and completely separated from the Internet.
  • Quicker implementation of new IT projects.  
  • High bandwidth allows you to arrange HD video-conferences in real time, take advantage of applications that require high quality of transmission, and efficiently connect data centre servers with end users.
  • You can connect local networks, servers and mass storage media at various locations of the company via point-to-point or point-to-multipoint lines.
  • You can synchronise and replicate large volumes of data in real time between servers and mass storage media located at distant offices and data centres.
  • You can prioritise the network traffic generated by critical applications.
  • With the SMART ETHERNET feature you can flexibly manage the bandwidth to match your requirements. You can set and receive automatic notifications of performance drops (alerts triggered by specific events to provide adequate network supervision).
  • You can benefit from the technical support by 24/7/365 Service Management Centre engineers.
  • You have full real-time view of the network via a website.
  • Ethernet line is certified and compliant with the requirements of the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) – this guarantees top quality of the service throughout the entire Central and Eastern Europe.