Virtual Data Centre
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Data Centre

Do you wish to avoid buying expensive physical servers?
Do your old PC that host systems' software fail?
Do you want to enjoy the benefits of state-of-the-art technologies
for minimal costs? Your company is growing and you know that
streamlining IT is the key.

Virtual Data Centre is a server that takes no space, never fails and consumes no energy. Your website, e-mail, procurement, inventory and accounting systems will operate stably and with no interruptions.


Virtual Data Centre is a virtual server room in which you can establish servers and install applications and systems with one click, and manage them from any place in the world.



You do not need to purchase physical servers nor employ an IT specialist to support them.

You may choose to have the system deployed remotely by an outsourced IT specialist.

You get all the firmware updates (upgrades, modifications) on the spot. This is T-Mobile's standard for cloud-based solutions.


  • You do not pay for the deployment of the service nor for the maintenance and support of the servers.
  • You can focus on developing the company without having to worry about the physical devices and their security, failures and downtime.
  • You choose most convenient payment plan for the service – fixed monthly charge, hourly rate or a mixed option.
  • Your systems in the cloud will continue to operate at all times and with no interruptions due to hardware failure (you will never lose important data).




With Virtual Data Center, small businesses get the opportunity to cut costs associated with the equipment and support of servers in its branches. It also greatly reduces problems associated with communication and data transfer between offices in different locations in the country.

A sales company that employs 50 people has an office and a sales point at the same location, and a warehouse in another city, using two

  • IT systems critical for its business activities. The system is composed of the company's proprietary online shop that generates more than half of the sales, and a database system for managing products, purchases, deliveries and stocks.
  • Both systems are maintained by the three in-house IT employees, who have decided to improve the reliability of these mission-critical environments. So far, each system has used its own physical server located in a small server room of the company.

As the company's business has grown recently, it was found out that the reliability of the online shop and the sales system are critical, and no failure of hardware or Internet connection that would result in a downtime is acceptable. The IT employees decided that the best solution would be to relocate the servers to the cloud a local provider that has a professional Data Centre. Complete independence from hardware issues, uninterrupted Internet access, constant availability of the systems – all for a fraction of the costs otherwise necessary to improve the performance of own servers, purchase additional hardware, install it, configure it, and get a backup Internet connection. The cost of this solution based on T-Mobile's cloud (Virtual Data Centre) is approx. PLN 900 per month.

  • An IT specialist will be able to change the service parameters at any time, even remotely.
  • You will receive access to the administrator's panel via a web browser. You make all changes in real time.  
  • Your cloud servers together with the data are fully private. No one other than you will be able to access them.
  • With your cloud-based solution located at a T-Mobile Data Centre, you can enjoy exceptionally good quality of connection to the Internet and to your company.
  • We provide you with ready-to-use servers together with all the necessary components (internal memory, processing power, disk space, network devices).
  • You also receive operating systems that we can administer for you. You don't need to buy expensive licenses – we provide those as part of the subscription.
  • You can test the service before you decide to buy it – for free and without paperwork.