Virtual Data Center
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Data Center

Is your business growing?
Are you looking for a more powerful IT infrastructure to support it?
Are you looking for a safe and efficient server environment for your applications?
Do you want to manage your servers from one place?
Would you like to pay only for the infrastructure you actually use?

Your personal, flexible IT cloud-based environment.


Virtual Data Center is a virtual server room that can be the foundation for all your company's IT systems. This solution will allow you to configure servers, install systems and applications, as well as manage them from anywhere in the world, all with one click.



Purchasing the equipment, waiting for its delivery, possible failures, servicing, trips to a Data Center or visits to a server room will no longer be a concern.  As pioneers of cloud-based services in the Polish market we have acquired the skills that enable us to take on even the most demanding IT challenges. Our cloud is based on a Data Center located in Poland, and fully in compliance with Polish personal data protection regulations. As an ICT operator we provide high quality connectivity to your servers (Internet, networks, WAN).


  • Your IT team can focus on supporting business operations, while we manage the infrastructure of the Virtual Data Centre.
  • Immediate implementation and customisation of the service allows IT processes to no longer be an obstacle that delays the implementation of business initiatives.
  • You will not experience any downtime due to system failure.
  • You are free to choose the payment mode: fixed monthly fee or pay-as-you-go.
  • No set-up or equipment maintenance costs.
  • You can now plan business development in foreign markets as we offer three virtual platforms located in different parts of Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Virtual Data Center works efficiently at a low cost, which enables you to test any IT solution you may need for your business.




Virtual Data Center allows the simultaneous implementation of new technological solutions in all offices belonging to the company. Operating in the cloud gives corporations the ability to act quickly and effectively, which can not be achieved with physical servers.

A large service company that employs over 200 people uses a number of IT systems to support its business operations.

  • Sales departments use mostly a CRM system and an internal system for service registration and reporting to superiors. Financial departments use one master system.
  • The marketing department uses several database applications for daily planning and design. There is also an external on-line appointment system and a comprehensive website for customers.

Since the company actively competes on the market by introducing frequent innovations in its services, it needs seamless and responsive IT department. The company's programmers are the backbone of this department – they have designed and keep maintaining more than half of the systems by themselves. They apply patches and upgrades on an ongoing basis, and their mode of operation was a decisive factor in the choice of they way of using the server infrastructure. The company has decided to relocate all its servers to the cloud. They chose T-Mobile, whose Data Centre is a professional and extremely secure location. Additionally, operating in the cloud allows to make rapid, almost one-click changes to the infrastructure. This had been unimaginable with only physical servers in a server room.

The programmers are free to introduce changes as well as to test and experiment with the software – the physical limitations are no more. If they need a server, they can simply click it into existence and perform tests, analyse the outcome, and then remove the server if it is no longer needed, while the company's budget remains unaffected. No money is spent an a server that would be used for 2 days and then left unused for several months waiting for the project to begin. The price of such an environment is approx. PLN 3,500 per month.

  • The service can be monitored and managed online via a control panel. All changes are made in real time.
  • We employ enterprise-class technology (VMware, Cisco and NetApp) to guarantee that our services are of top quality.
  • The architecture of the platform is fully redundant – we allow no interruptions due to equipment failure.
  • We provide multi-level separation – your environment is fully private.
  • We provide you with ready-to-use infrastructure including servers, internal memory, computing power, disk space, network devices. You are given a ready-to-use templates with operating systems that we can administer on your behalf.
  • No need to buy expensive operating system or database licenses – we provide those as part of the subscription.
  • You can test the service before you decide to buy it – without any charges or formalities.
  • Since the cloud is located at our Data Center, T-Mobile guarantees the quality of connection with the Internet or your corporate network for a competitive price.