Dedicated Server
Data Centers
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Do your applications process large amounts of data?
Do you need a data centre but wish to avoid the expenses of purchasing and maintaining your own servers?

Dedicated server resources at a professional Data Centre for the needs of your company. 
Your systems and data are be available at all times.


Dedicated Server is ideally suited for handling a large number of websites, heavily used databases and applications, and mission-critical business systems. We provide access to physical servers located at our Data Centre, as well as additional components: wires, network devices, operating systems.



The infrastructure located in one of our professional Data Centres in Central and Eastern Europe guarantees top level of security. By using our solution, you will take advantage of the servers on an as-a-service basis.
T-Mobile will take care of the purchase, maintenance and comprehensive management of the technical condition of the equipment and, if necessary – its repair or replacement (in compliance with SLA).
As an ICT operator we provide high quality connectivity to your servers (Internet, data transmission, WAN).


    • You pay no set-up costs related to the purchase or maintenance of a server room at your company.
    • Your servers are managed by professionals who are also your 24/7/365 technical support. Instead of focusing on the hardware, you will be able to dedicate your efforts to the development of the systems and applications important to your company and your customers.
  • When you free yourself from the burden of maintaining your own server rooms and equipment, you may focus your efforts on strategic areas of your business.
  • You enjoy continuous, uninterrupted access to your Internet-based services.

    • We guarantee SLA of 99.5%.
    • We provide an advanced system of safeguarding our Data Centre: CCTV, physical security, safeguards and access cards.
    • We provide optimal conditions of the operation of the servers by maintaining constant levels of temperature and humidity and by employing systems of dust filtering and removal.
  • Dedicated Server can be combined with any service of the Data Centre and can use any type of connectivity (Internet, Ethernet Line, IP VPN, APN, Lambda). You can protect your systems against DDoS, combine them with a Virtual Data Centre or back up your data.