Data Centers


Do you want to improve the security of your company's servers?
Do you need a space where you can put all the servers to efficiently
manage your critical applications and securely store critical data?

Safety and nonstop supervision of IT infrastructure. You can keep your servers under professional control.


The Colocation service allows you to securely store critical data and applications supporting your business operations by putting servers in a T-Mobile Data Center.


T-Mobile Data Center has been designed to achieve one goal: keep servers in perfect working conditions. For 14 years we have been powering, cooling, safeguarding and maintaining the servers in our Data Center without a single break.

The Data Center in Piaseczno is the heart of our European network and it is one of 15 Data Centrers located in Central and Eastern Europe.The history of the Data Centre is a testimony of our expertise and professionalism – we continue to be the leader in technological solutions available on the market.

The Data Centre is not just the state-of-the-art technology – it is also the team of engineers and other professionals working 24/7/365 to guarantee that your company's data and applications are safe.


    • No set-up costs – you do not need to establish nor maintain your own server room.
    • You can take advantage of our services right away, instead building server rooms in your office. A team of specialists, remote support and technical assistance is at your disposal 24/7/365. We also take care of server room maintanance. We are your employee.
  • Our service is always in sync to your business needs – we adapt the Colocation parameters to suit your needs immediately upon your request.
  • The Colocation service allows you to manage sensitive data and make sure that all legal regulations are met, as well as maintaining the maximum level of safety.
    • Standardised, modular solution for your IT department compatible with the systems used at your company.
    • Quick implementation – we can relocate your servers to the Data Centre – in compliance with all safety standards.
    • Advanced and diversified security and surveillance tools (cages, cameras, touch sensors, seals, etc.).
  • Value-added services (i.e. rooms for administrators) and remote hands services.
  • Quality guaranteed by SLA terms.
  • Certifications.