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Are you looking for a solution that will allow youto stop worrying about losing data critical for your business?
Do you need to recover data quickly and efficiently?
Do you want to maintain business continuity in the face of data loss risk? Do you want to gain independence from unpredictable external factors that might negatively impact your business?
Do you need unlimited access to all your historical data?

Secure critical data and prevent unexpected losses! Automatically back up files and applications to recover them without incurring any damage.



The Backup service allows your company to efficiently backup its data based on a policy that you can manage. The protection and easy recovery in case of a loss can include any data in your systems.



You can take advantage of a backup environment located at a professional Data Centre, where your data is extremely secure. There is an on-line portal at your disposal, via which you can manage the service in real time. Alternatively, at your request we can take care of that. You can quickly increase the volume of the backup, and the charge is applied on a pay-as-you-grow basis. Simple, transparent service pricing and ordering is possible without expert's knowledge – just tell how much data you want us to protect. You do not waste time on sophisticated functional analyses. Our solution is based on a Data Centre located in Poland, and the processing of personal data is compliant with Polish law.


  • Never again a loss data will cause a delay at your company. Back up data, recover lost data and maintain business continuity – quickly restore data regardless of the location of their storage (T-Mobile Data Centre or your server room).
  • Automated backup and recovery process coupled with the option to have your backups managed by T-Mobile will allow your IT department to focus on direct support of the development of your company.
  • No set-up costs related to the establishment of infrastructure – you are charged with the service subscription costs only.
  • You are free to use the service regardless of the size of your company and the amount of data you want to protect – we will back up any volume of data.

  • The solution is based on CommVault enterprise-class software that guarantees the effectiveness and stability of backup and restore processes.
  • You can protect your data located anywhere – the Backup service can be accessed via the Internet, WAN (Ethernet Line, IP VPN and Lambda) or from a T-Mobile Data Centre.
  • Comprehensive technical support by 24/7/365 Service Management Centre technicians.
  • We provide most advanced backup mechanisms – you can back up virtual machines, physical machines, operating systems, databases, file systems, and create snapshot backups.
  • Simple and time saving. To take advantage of the service and to find out its costs you only need to know the volume of the data to be the protected – you do not need to list and count servers, backup agents, volume of the data on a backup platform nor compression level and deduplication properties of your data.
  • Fit and flexibility to match the current requirements of your company. You are free to manage your backup policy and alter it on the go.