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Have you ever wondered what happens if your office is flooded, destroyed by fire or suffers from a prolonged blackout?
Do you pay attention to safety and want to be certain that your company will continue to operate in an emergency?
Are you required by law to have a backup office?

Thanks to Backup Office your business will continue to operate in an emergency. Prevent losses to your finances and image.


Resume your business in as short as a few hours thus minimising the negative outcomes of random events and avoid interruptions in processes critical to your company. The image of your company will not suffer, as your customers will be unaffected by consequences of accidents.



Backup Office is part of a comprehensive Business Continuity solution, whereas the proximity of a Data Centre guarantees the quality and stability of the operating conditions of your backup data centre.


  • Your company will maintain business continuity and you will never lose the confidence of your customers.
  • You will effectively minimise the losses to your finances and image.
  • You do not need to establish your own backup infrastructure nor buy any equipment. In the event of a crisis we will provide you with a fully equipped backup office.
  • Backup Office, together with the other Business Continuity services, constitutes a system that ensures the continuity and ongoing development of your business.
  • You can also use Backup Office for the purposes of trainings and various IT tests.
  • The service is available 24/7/365 and the office is provided within four hours from notification.
  • We offer comprehensively equipped workplaces – with a PC, printer, photocopier, fax.
  • We provide on-site access to the Internet, fibre-optic connection to the Data Center, a dedicated LAN and a telephone network with a PBX.
  • You are  free to choose a hardware configuration and arrange the office space to suit your needs.
  • Backup Office is adequately secured – we monitor the premises and restrict the access.
  • The location of the office is optimal and easily accessible (the office is located in Piaseczno).