Mobile Internet
Internet Access


Are you looking for a solution that will provide
you with a quality connection with your business partners?
Do you need Internet access 24/7 regardless of your location?
Do you need guaranteed access to your calendar and mailbox?

Increase the efficiency and productivity with Mobile Internet available anywhere and anytime


With Mobile Internet you will enjoy uninterrupted communication both with your colleagues and customers. This solution is available on many different devices, without the need to use passwords or cables. You can save valuable time and access your company resources anytime and anywhere.



We provide your company with a tool that enables full mobility of your employees. We continuously invest in upgrading and expanding the network so as to ensure that Mobile Internet by T-Mobile will always meet your needs.  


  • You can access Internet anytime and anywhere you are : when you're travelling, at your office or at home.
  • You can optimise costs by choosing a service that meets the needs of your company.
  • Your team will be able to contact each other and exchange data at any time. The internet connection will continue to work, even in the event of a power failure.
  • You will stay connected both in the country and abroad.

    • High quality of transmission parameters and bandwidth up to 50Mbps available in the T-Mobile network.
    • A wide range of devices (routers, modems, tablets, laptops, locators, video monitoring).
    • Solutions tailored to your specific needs: dedicated, shared or unlimited data packages, or pay-as-you-go subscription fee.
  • This service includes a fixed public IP address, which allows access to the device from the Internet.
  • Easily integrated with additional security services.