Information center

1. What is the customer ID and where I can check it?

The Customer ID is included on each invoice issued by T-Mobile Polska S.A. directly beneath the customer's address on the top right side of invoice. It is 8 or 10 characters long, e.g.  50000XX or 12000XXXX.

2. Where I can report a fault and how long will it take to get it fixed?

Faults should be reported to the Customer Service Department by telephone at 800900900 or +48 22 488 03 00 or by e-mail to
We make every effort to minimise the resolution times.

3. What kind of documents do you need to change our corporate records in your systems?

Company registration records can be updated based on a letter stamped and signed by an authorised representative of the company and a current excerpt from the National Court Register (KRS) or the register of business activity, as applicable (for organisations which do not have a legal personality – the relevant regulation issued by the appropriate ministry, articles of association, etc.).
All the documents should be faxed to +48 22 488 03 01 or emailed to:

4. How do I request a copy of my invoice?

We can provide you with a copy of a previously issued invoice free of charge. In order to obtain it, please request it:

  •     by telephone from the Customer Service Department at no. 800 900 900 ext. 9
  •     online, by sending your request via eSerwis, which is our online customer front end, typically used by our subscribers to monitor their telephone bills, available at: If you have no access to eserwis, please kindly contact our Customer Service Department.

5. Who is authorised to obtain confidential information?

To ensure maximum security of our Customer's data, requests for confidential information shall only be processed if received from an address authorised by the Customer. In order to update the list of authorised addresses, please use the application form available on our website and attach a statement that shall confirm your will to introduce the changes and shall include your corporate stamp and an authorised signature.

6. Can our agreement be assigned to a third party, and if so, how?

In order to assign an agreement to a third party please send the required information, as specified below, to:

  •     name of the Assignor:
  •     scope of assignment: full or partial? If partial assignment is requested, please state the Customer ID or the specific service used by the Assignor (identified with its CID):
  •     name of the Assignee:
  •     Assignee's NIP (VAT ID):
  •     Assignee's KRS (National Court Register)/EDG (Register of Business Activity) registration number:
  •     Assignee's REGON (statistical ID):
  •     Assignee's authorised representative:
  •     planned date of assignment:
  •     Assignor's and Assignee's representatives:

    business registration/incorporation documents (KRS/NIP/REGON):
*Balance of mutual settlements between T-Mobile Polska and the customer on the date of the assignment should be null.*
**The assignment request shall be fulfilled upon the beginning of the next settlement period.**

7.  What is an e-invoice?

An e-invoice is a legally valid method of billing. It is an invoice that is delivered to you electronically in lieu of the traditional paper document.
E-invoices issued by T-Mobile Polska are securely signed using a digital certificate from PWPW SA (Sigillum Certification Centre). E-invoicing is available to all T-Mobile Polska Customers. Each e-invoice issued is sent to the e-mail address you specify. You can verify that the document is genuine and was issued by T-Mobile Polska at


  •     No paper bills – less money spent on archiving and a reduced environmental footprint
  •     Eliminated risk of document loss, which is of particular importance in the context of the taxpayer's obligation to ensure availability of invoices to tax authorities
  •     No risk of the invoice delivery failure or its disclosure to unauthorised parties
  •     Invoices always arrive on time. Timely delivery and no delays that sometimes can happen to paper documents.
  •     You can plan your expenditures well in advance, as the electronic invoice will reach you sooner than a paper one.
  •     You still can print the e-invoice on your own (e.g. for the purposes of approval processes within your organisation)

    E-invoice can be collected from anywhere, all you need to download it is Internet access.

8. How do I request e-invoicing?

If you wish to receive electronic invoices, please complete and sign the e-invoicing consent form and send it by traditional mail to:

T-Mobile Polska S.A.
ul. Marynarska 12
02-674 Warsaw, Poland.

E-invoices are delivered free of charge. Our e-invoicing solution does not impose any additional costs on our Customers and does not require you to use any additional dedicated software. All you need to be able to benefit from e-invoicing is:

  •     an e-mail address
  •     a free PDF file reader software (such as Adobe Reader, version 8 or better).

9. Where can I find more information on DNS servers, registration of domain names and SMTP (email) server settings?

Name server (DNS) addresses
We recommend using the following DNS settings to connect to the Internet through our network:

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

Primary DNS:     2001:4190:8002:1::3
Secondary DNS: 2001:4190:8002:8001::3

Name server (DNS) addresses for domain registration purposes

In order to be able to redirect a domain name to T-Mobile Polska servers, please specify the following DNS information in the domain registration form to be submitted to the top level domain registrar:

1: [] , [2001:4190:8002:1::302]
2: [] , [2001:4190:8002:1::2]
3: [] , [2001:4190:8002:8001::2]

PLEASE NOTE: It is essential that the registration form includes all the servers listed above. T-Mobile Polska cannot guarantee 100% reliability of the service if any of the name server addresses is not provided on the form.

SMTP authorisation settings

SMTP authorisation of outgoing email messages allows all users of email accounts provided by T-Mobile Polska to send emails from anywhere (regardless where and how they connect to the network).

In order to set up the SMTP authorisation feature in your email client program, you need to specify '' (without the quotation marks) as the outgoing mail server address, check the checkbox next to the "Log in to the server" option and choose to use the same account name and password as you have set up for the incoming mail (POP3) server. The port numbers for the service are 587 and 25, respectively.

10. Can I check the current value of my telephone bill?

Yes, you can do it online using eSerwis, the online application we provide to our customers to enable them to monitor and analyse their telephone bills. As eserwis is directly connected to our billing system, it presents an up-to-date record of the calls made, including their duration and cost. It also gives access to detailed and summary billing for the six most recent settlement periods.

11. How can I submit a claim?

Customers can submit their claims by email to: While making a claim, please specify:

  •     Name of Subscriber/company name:
  •     Customer ID:
  •     Date of applicable Agreement/ Annex/ Order:
  •     Period your claim refers to:
  •     Line login/service ID: (the telephone number or the service ID is specified on the invoice in the brackets next to the name of the service):
  •     Description of your claim:
  •     Address (location) at which the service is provisioned*:
  •     Subscriber's name and surname:
  •     Email:
  •     Contact phone number: