Discover the potential of remote work
Data publikacji: 2015-07-26

Discover the potential of remote work

Polish companies are quite reluctant to hire people on a remote working basis or ensure conditions that would enable it. Such model of collaboration is most widely used by financial, accounting and new technology enterprises.

At least since 1970s, remote work has solved many economic and organizational issues across the world. For the companies, it facilitates finding skilled workers and lowers the office space maintenance costs, whereas from the perspective of a worker, it saves time and money spent on commuting, but also ensures flexibility in performing professional duties. For many people, remote work is a reality that allows them to break the traditional barriers of distance and time, helping them to complete even very complex tasks as a team.

Forty years since the first remote workplaces have been created, experts are talking about further waves of remote work. Virtual workers have been equipped not only with access to state-of-the-art communications tools, but also were offered the possibility of participating in their company's other activities, such as meetings, trainings or trade fairs.

Every remote worker can use all company applications, data and servers from anywhere and using any device. All of this is possible thanks to virtualization technologies, application integration and mobile platforms.

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Below are a few basic categories of technologies that allow for an effective use of the potential of remote work and the creation of a virtual office.


If your company has offices spread across the whole country, videoconferencing is the solution that will save you time and money otherwise spent on business trips. The larger the organization, the greater the savings. Videoconferencing ensures more flexibility in planning meetings, which enhances employee productivity.

Videoconferencing solutions enable remote workers to see other members of their teams or their supervisors, whom they had known from telephone conversations or email correspondence. Eye contact is an important element of interpersonal communication.It has a positive impact on employee integration where meetings in person are impossible on a daily basis. More complex videoconferencing infrastructure offers high quality of service, suitable not only for day-to-day work of projects teams, but also for trainings and negotiations, that is in situations where non-verbal communication and information security play a crucial role.

Data center and the cloud

The above-mentioned elements of IT infrastructure ensure data security as well as fast and continuous operation, even in case of a malfunction. Data center is the heart of a virtualized workplace. It is there that, in properly air-conditioned and secured rooms, email and business application servers are stored. Data centers enable corporate users to access their company's key systems.

All services delivered via the internet are additionally protected by advanced solutions that ensure a constant and secure access to applications. Stability, efficiency and fast operation – if these characteristics are provided by IT department or vendor, remote work can be treated as a rightful and reliable mode that does not pose any threat to smooth and timely task completion. And it is only then that all the above-mentioned business benefits of telecom solutions can be achieved.

Data center or centers – as due to the risk of malfunction or fire most data centers have their backup counterparts – can be owned by the company or the IT service provider who, on the basis of a detailed contract, ensures maintenance and protection of the servers. Solutions installed in a data center can be made available both in the form of a traditional model, on separate servers installed locally, as well as in the form of the so-called cloud.

It can take years to create a flexible environment that makes remote work possible, and develop a truly virtualized workplace. It is advisable to use support of the largest IT companies and telecommunications service providers. Working with such providers ensures high level of feature and system availability (up to 99.99% of the total infrastructure operation time). It also allows increasing and decreasing the amount of resources flexibly, according to the company's strategy and financial capabilities.

Polish companies are quite reluctant to hire people on a remote working basis or ensure conditions that would enable it. Such model of collaboration is most widely used by financial, accounting and new technology enterprises.